Friday, 13 November 2015

Component not showing in Touch UI / SideKick of Classical UI in AEM / Adobe CQ5 / AEM6

To see component in the Touch UI

If you want to see the component in touch UI components list. The component Should have cq:editConfig node. Though if you add cq:editConfig node, if components are still not displayed then if you get TooManyCallsException. Check this post to avoid TooManyCallsException

  • We need to increase the "sling.max.calls" property value of "Apache Sling Main Servlet" OSGI config. My total component count was 1602, I have increased to 2000 and solved above 2 issues

To See Component in the SideKick in Classic UI

  • The component should have dialog.
  • if component have dialog and not showing in sidekick. Check title of Component it should starts with capital letter.

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