Friday, 13 November 2015

Create an Adobe CQ Maven archetype project

To create an Adobe CQ archetype project, perform these steps:

1. Open the command prompt and go to your working directory (D:\smaple-cq-project).
2. Run the following Maven command:

mvn archetype:generate 
3. When prompted for additional information, specify these values:
groupId: com.test
artifactId: cq-test-project
version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT : 1.0.0
package: com.aem.code
appsFolderName: AEM-Training
artifactName: AEM Training
componentGroupName - AEM62
contentFolderName - aemtraining
cssId - AEMtrainginCss62
packageGroup: AEM
siteName - AEMTraining
confirm: Y
4. Once done, you will see a message like:

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