Friday, 13 November 2015

How to Add and Read Bundle / Service Configurations(String, Dropdown, Array/Multifield) -AEM6 /Adobe CQ5

Adding Properties to the Bundle/ OSGI CQ Service

String / TextField

@Property(value = "GET")
static final String STRING_VAL = "string.textfield";

String Array / Multifield 

@Property ( unbounded=PropertyUnbounded.ARRAY, value={"*"},label="Template paths",description="eg: /apps/devtools/templates/page-home" )
private static final String MUTIFIELD_EX = "multifield.test";

Boolean Field

@Property(boolValue={false}, label="Boolean values", description="Booealn test")
private static final String BOOLEN_TEST = "boolean_test";


@Property( options={
@PropertyOption(name="blue", value="color-blue"),
@PropertyOption(name="green", value="color-green"), 
@PropertyOption(name="red", value="color-red"), 
@PropertyOption(name="yellow", value="color-yellow"), 
private static final String SELECTION_TEST = "dropdown.test";

Reading Properties of Bundle/ OSGI CQ Service

1) You to get the ConfigurationAdmin  reference

    ConfigurationAdmin configAdmin;

2) Get Bundle Configuratinn
            Configuration config = configAdmin.getConfiguration(this.getClass().getCanonicalName());

3) Get properties of conguration
    Dictionary<?, ?> configProperties = config.getProperties();

4) Red Properties

Reading String/TextField

          String texfiledValue =  (String) configProperties.get( STRING_VAL );

Reading the Dropdown 

        String dropdownTest  =  (String) configProperties.get( SELECTION_TEST );

Reading Boolean 

          Boolean booealnTest = ( Boolean ) configProperties.get( BOOLEN_TEST );

Reading  Array/Multifield   

           String[] multifieldVlaues  =  (String[]) configProperties.get( MUTIFIELD_EX );

     for( String value : multifieldVlaues ){
out.println( value );

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