Friday, 13 November 2015

Keyboard Shortcuts In AEM/CQ

Keyboard Shortcuts for Authoring

LocationShortcut *Description
Websites ConsoleShift-Double-Click
(on required page)
Open page in new window.
Note: this is operational if the User Properties are set to Single Window; if Multiple Windows then this is the default behavior.
Content Window (Edit Mode) - ParagraphsShift-ClickSelect multiple paragraphs.
 Ctrl-ClickSelect multiple paragraphs.
 Ctrl-CCopy selected paragraph(s).
 Ctrl-XCut selected paragraph(s).Note: The cut paragraph will not disappear until it has been pasted to the new location.
 Ctrl-VPaste paragraphs from clipboard.
 Alt-Ctrl-VPaste as reference.
 DelDelete selected paragraph(s).
 BackspaceDelete selected paragraph(s).
 Alt-right-clickForce default (browser) context menu.
Rich Text EditorCtrl-BBold
Page with a teaser component.Ctrl-Alt-cShows the client context.
Content Finder - Search boxdown-arrowTrigger a suggestions list. Needed when too few characters have been entered to trigger the list automatically (this happens when 2 or more characters have been entered).
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger suggestions for the selected path.
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger suggestions for its ancestors (as in siblings of parent).
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger search.
 EscClose suggestions layer.
Drag assets, drop on destinationAlt+dragThe drop action produces a new paragraph; instead of replacing the asset in the destination.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Development

LocationShortcut *Description
set in the URL.
To see timing statistics for page loading.

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