Thursday, 19 November 2015

Reading AEM OSGi Configuration Values

You can define OSGi configuration values by using CRXDE lite and dynamically read these values from within an OSGi service. By defining configuration values, you can define values used by an OSGi service and use these values while the service is running. Unlike hard-coding values in an AEM OSGi service, defining values in CRXDE lite lets you modify configuration values without re-compiling and re-deploying the OSGi bundle.

OSGi configuration values defined at /apps/system/config

As shown in the previous illustration, you can define OSGi configuration values in CRXDE lite. To define configuration values, you define a node of type sling:OsgiConfig. Then you define properties which are the configuration values. 

Configuration values that are defined as properties of a sling:OsgiConfig node

This development article guides you through creating an OSGi bundle that reads OSGi configuration values that are defined in CRXDE lite.

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