Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What is a content repository? What is JCR?

A Content repository is basically a place where digital content is stored. Generally the structure of the content repository is hierarchial and represented as a tree structure where each node of the tree is used to store content. Java Content Repository is a specification provided by the java community to access the content repository in a uniform way (platform independent and vendor independent way). The specification was initially released as JSR-170(JCR 1.0) and then later revised version 2 as (JCR-283).
The javax.jcr API provides the various classes and interfaces to access a content repository
Apache Jackrabbit is an open-source implementation of JCR- 2.0 specification.
It provides some wrapper classes and interfaces specific to jackrabbit plus many more functionalities on top of jcr.

The org.apache.jackrabbit packages are used to access Jackrabbit.

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