Thursday, 28 April 2016

Learn Sightly with Read–Eval–Print Loop in AEM 6.x

A great live code editing environment for Sightly templates with optional server-side JavaScript logic, executed on an Adobe Experience Manager instance. This little tool is great for learning Sightly and for experimenting with it, because the resulting output is displayed as you type.
To get started you need minimum Adobe Experience Manager 6+, there are you two ways you can setup your environment and start experimenting:-
1. Install as a Package
  • Download the built package:
  • On your running AEM instance, go to Package Manager, click on Upload Package, browse to the previously downloaded package, and hit OK.
  • Install the package Don’t mind the missing dependencies, simply click the Install button and confirm.
2. Maven Method
  • Checked-out repository with Git clone.
  • Build and install it with following command line instruction:
    mvn clean install content-package:install
Once any of the above steps are performed for installation, go to the following URL on AEM instance localhost:4502/content/repl.html
Sightly Read Eval Print Loop (REPL)
Sightly Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) will give you three options:-
  1. Source :- Shows the generated HTML Structure of webpage
  2. View :- Output of webpage can be seen here, this is the same which you will see in your browser
  3. Java :- Complied sightly Java class
It’s a great environment for people who are willing to get hands on Sightly and want to gain some experience in it.

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