Friday, 24 June 2016

Developing a custom Adobe Experience Manager Quiz Component

You can develop a custom Adobe Experience Manager Quiz component that lets your web site visitors perform an on-line quiz and view the results. There are business requirements that require web visitors to perform an online quiz and then track the results. Building an AEM custom quiz component satisfies this business requirement. 
Assume that another requirement for the quiz component is the questions and corresponding answers are configurable. That is, an AEM author can set them without updating the component's application logic.
Using AEM adaptive forms or other forms is not a recommended way to develop a custom AEM quiz component. Instead, its better to develop a custom component as discussed in this article.
The Quiz application is made up of two parts:
  • Quiz component -  allows web visitors to answer displayed questions and view the results
  • Quiz configuration - allows AEM authors to set questions and answers
The following illustration shows the logic flow for the Quiz component. 
The Quiz component logic flow

1. The AEM Quiz configuration component lets an author set data values used in the quiz component. 
2. The quiz configuration data is stored in the AEM JCR. 
3. An AEM Service reads the JCR data.
4. The OSGi Service converts the JCR data to JSON data. 
5. The Quiz component uses the JSON data to render the quiz. 

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