Saturday, 2 July 2016

Building Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 Mobile Applications

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile provides a complete toolset to rapidly build, manage, and deliver mobile apps that integrate with the Adobe Marketing Cloud so you can measure and optimize app performance. Leverage existing content from multiple sources including the easy-to-use authoring environment of AEM and deliver updates without requiring app rebuilds or resubmissions. Integrate with third-party APIs to extend functionality and connect to critical business systems. Use built-in messaging and analytics to communicate with your audience and track user activity and engagement.
Use AEM Mobile to quickly import an existing mobile application in order to begin instantly managing its content. Learn the techniques that will allow non-technical users to begin authoring content for an existing mobile application and prepare for updates to be published. Take advantage of existing content in AEM that can be re-used in a mobile delivery channel and learn the simple steps to integrate your mobile apps with the Marketing Cloud. Master the use of the AEM Verify tool throughout the entire app development process.

In this development article, you learn how to use AEM and PhoneGap to quickly and easily build your own mobile application, how to test it in simulators for a range of devices, and how to track app usage.

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