Thursday, 10 November 2016

AEM Deployment with Jenkins

In this article, I am going to explaing how to deploy aem packages using Jenkins, The Jenkins can be used as a continuous integratiion server using which we can deploy packages automatically on either author or publish instances of a AEM development and qa envrionment’s, I dont recommed to install it on production envrionment, we can do lot of things with Jenkins, we can configure notifications when build fails and also using plugin’s we can connect to different version control systems such GIT, SVN etc…
Here, I am going to cover how to deploy AEM builds using Jenkins, the first thing which we  need to do is download and install Jenkins from this link
Once the Jenkins is installed then the next step is go to dashboard of Jenkins and install plugins as part of this I have installed Maven plugin
In the dashboard left navigation there is an item called “Manage Jenkins”click on this, on the Manage Jenkins screen you will find Manage Plugins link

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