Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lazybones - Project Creation Tool

Lazybones was born out of frustration that Ratpack does not and will not have a command line tool that will bootstrap a project. It's a good decision for Ratpack, but I'm lazy and want tools to do the boring stuff for me.
The tool is very simple: it allows you to create a new project structure for any framework or library for which the tool has a template. You can even contribute templates by sending pull requests to this GitHub project or publishing the packages to the relevant Bintray repository (more info available below).
The concept of Lazybones is very similar to Maven archetypes, and what Yeoman does for web applications. Lazybones also includes a sub templates feature that resembles the behaviour of Yeoman's sub-generators, allowing you to generate optional extras (controllers, scaffolding etc.) inside a project.

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