Saturday, 17 June 2017

Changing a .content.xml file locally is not reflecting in CRX after maven build

If .content.xml file is changed locally and changes are not reflecting in crx then check maven-resources-plugin.

Add below plugin in pom.xml of UI module.(aem-sample/aem-content-ui/pom.xml).


For maven-resources-plugin check that its copying your .content.xml to target folder and for content-package-maven-plugin check that correct filter values are set.
We can also verify by extracting the generated package and check if it has the changes or not or look at a vault-work directory in target and get to the directory in which you have changed the .content.xml, verify if it has changes. If your changes are there in vault-works then the maven-resources-plugin is working absolutely fine and the issue may be with the content-package-maven-plugin.

If bundle is not installed check this post.

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