Saturday, 22 July 2017


Sometimes when we try to deploy code, bundles may not be in active state in AEM 6.1. We can see below error message.

Error Message:
22.07.2017 10:40:27.509 *ERROR* [qtp2141213534-59] org.apache.felix.http.jetty %bundles.pluginTitle: Cannot start (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle com.aem.kishore.bundle-core [463]: Unable to resolve 463.2: missing requirement [463.2] osgi.wiring.package; (&(osgi.wiring.package=com.adobe.cq.sightly)(version>=2.2.0)(!(version>=3.0.0))))

org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle com.aem.kishore.bundle-core[463]: Unable to resolve 463.2: missing requirement [463.2] osgi.wiring.package; (&(osgi.wiring.package=com.adobe.cq.sightly)(version>=2.2.0)(!(version>=3.0.0)))

  • Delete existing bundle first.
  • Add below code in bundle pom.xml and rebuild the code.


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  2. Hi, I am using AEM 6.4 and when I add the above two lines in my pom xml, the bundle does get activated, but then all the servlets stop working. Any idea how to fix that?