Sunday, 13 January 2019

Targeting content in AEM

AEM enables to target content for different audience.

This post will explain how to target title component to display content based on user's location and do A/B testing.

Create a web page called Target under we-retail website.

Click here to check how to enable ContextHub.
Navigate to AEM instance and create Brand and activities. 

Create audience and these audiences are mapped to activity "Country".

Drag and drop ContextHub component called "Comparing Property - Value".

Open web page in Targeting mode. Click "Start Targeting" and select Brand and Activity "Country" from the toolbar.
Select title component, click on settings.
Select Engine as Context Hub

"Country" activity is mapped two audience. Now drag and drop title component on the page. Select DEFAULT audience and then click on title component then enable target. Enter text "Welcome" in the component. Select another audience and update the text in title component. Click next.

Click next. Select when this target should be enabled.
Click Save. Remove editor.html to see ContextHub toolbar.

On the toolbar, select GeoLocation. Enter country as "United States".

Now title text is updated as per the country location.

Change location to Canada.

Text is updated as per location.

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