Saturday, 9 May 2020

AEM Log Tracer: Chrome Plugin

AEM Log Tracer

AEM Log Tracer is a Chrome browser extension that exposes server-side log information per-request in the browser.

AEM Log Tracer collects and exposes per-request:

  1. AEM Logs
  2. Request Progress
  3. Queries executed
Below are the steps to use Log Tracer
  1. Download and install Sling Log Tracer 1.0.2+ via AEM 6.0+ Felix Console and ensure it is started/active.
  2. Enable Sling Log Tracer via Felix ConfigMgr.
  3. Install AEM Chrome Plug-in via the Chrome web store.
  4. Open up Chrome Dev Panels (Chrome > View > Developer > Dev Tools) and click on the AEM tab.
Sling Log Tracer

AEM Log Tracer Chrome Plugin

Click here to see more info.

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