Thursday, 9 July 2020

Migrate AEM user to another AEM instance

We create users in AEM DEV instance and need to move those users to higher environments. We can create a package using ACL packager.

Download the ACS AEM commons packages
Install the packages into AEM using the package manager
Navigate to AEM > Operations > Configuration
Expand Tools > Content Packagers and create a new page

Double click on the new page.

Click on edit to add the user we want to create a package.

Update below configs
  1. Package ACL handling: Merge
  2. Principal names: add the user name i.e admin
  3. Include patterns: /.*
  4. Include principals: enable the checkbox to add the user node path (/home/****) along with ACLs.
Click Ok and preview the paths in the package. Click on Create Package.

Goto package manager to see the newly created package.

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