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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Debugging Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Adobe Analytics is a powerful tool to analyse almost anything that can be tracked on a website. Unfortunately, any additional, customised code and feature increases the risk of introducing bugs as well.

Setting up the debugging environment

We already briefly discussed the advantages of DTM and how to include it into a digital marketing platform in a prior article on our blog. Once DTM is set up and all the necessary rules that help tracking the right data are defined, the fun begins: Seeing them in action. When testing if everything works the way it should two things need to be considered:
  1. The rule is firing successfully
  2. The variables are mapped correctly
In order to properly manage to monitor this you need a packet analyser (or network analyser). Don't get intimidated though, you have one installed already, and you love to watch youtube with it.
Yes, your browser most surely has a packet analyser already built in. It's normally the "network" tab of the “web console” or “developer tools” of your preferred browser. The name changes from one browser to another, but you should be able to find it in the browser's options. Also, there are some add-ons and plug-ins that can also do the same thing.
For simplicity I'll stick with Google Chrome's console (which you can bring up by hitting F12 on a PC, or ⌥⌘j on a Mac), and the Adobe Marketing Cloud Debugger plugin. Follow the instructions on Adobe's website to set everything up correctly.