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Friday, 17 February 2017

Creating a site footer in AEM 6 using Sightly and Sling Models

The Adobe-developed and recently-donated-to-Apache-Sling project Sightly project has been out for a little under a year now, alongside Adobe Experience Manager 6, and has slowly been amassing documentation and gaining presence. The server-side templating language aims to give a facelift to the web development facet of Java-based software stacks, Adobe's AEM chief among them.
This post will run the reader through a sample implementation of a site footer using Sightly, showcasing and describing a few of its features. It will also make use of Sling Models as the back-end tool to grab JCR data (nodes, properties) into useful class models.
What we want is an authorable footer serving all pages of a language branch of a content tree. Let's assume that our site is for Acme, the reputable maker of all things widgets, gadgets, and sprockets. Our site structure will be traditional and look like,
and so on. Let's assume that the en page serves as the homepage for the English site, and similarly, the /content/acme/fr will serve as the French homepage, with all French content pages under it. As such, each homepage will need to have an instance of footer data.