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Monday, 5 December 2016

AEM Forms vs AEM out-of-box Form Component

AEM Forms vs AEM out-of-box Form Component 
It depends on your use case, if you have one or two simple forms where you want to capture 5 fields of information then the OOTB forms would suffice.  However if you have this requirement, moderately complex, and/or complex forms then AEM Forms would be a better solution.  Here are some of the details as to why I make this statement:
1)  Form model capabilities - being able to bind a form to a schema or XDP form for ease of back end integration
2) Rule builder as an example of being able to add logic to a form without the requirement of scripting including access to web services
3) Document of record - in many cases upon submission of data there is a desire to create an archive of the submission, AEM Forms can create PDF and PDF/A documents by utilizing OOTB services and either no or little coding
4) If you have a need for adding attachments to the form and using them as part of archive or welcome kit - AEM Forms OOTB can convert other document types to PDF and then combine these documents together along with page numbering, table of contents, bookmarks ect....
5) Batch capabilities - perhaps you have a requirement to merge data onto a template and produce print output that's directed to printer or bulk PDF creation
6) OOTB correspondence management capabilities to manage documents such as contracts
7) A much richer set of components that come OOTB to ensure the best possible user experience
8) One click Marketing Cloud integration - easily add in Analytics, Adobe Sign, Target using the built in Forms Manager
9) Sophisticate form capabilities such as form fragments, form sets, lazy loading - these all ensure ease of form authoring and ensure a high performing user experience
10) Forms Manager to manage all your forms - dictionary translation, initiate review and comment, find relationships between forms and form fragments ect....