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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Git command reference

Git reference docs: Click here
Download Git cheat sheet PDF

Git Cheat sheet-2

Git Cheat sheet-1

Git visual guide

Basic Usage

The four commands above copy files between the working directory, the stage (also called the index), and the history (in the form of commits).
  • git add files copies files (at their current state) to the stage.
  • git commit saves a snapshot of the stage as a commit.
  • git reset -- files unstages files; that is, it copies files from the latest commit to the stage. Use this command to "undo" a git add files. You can also git reset to unstage everything.
  • git checkout -- files copies files from the stage to the working directory. Use this to throw away local changes.
You can use git reset -pgit checkout -p, or git add -p instead of (or in addition to) specifying particular files to interactively choose which hunks copy.

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Merge child branch with master

Merge master into the development first so that if there are any conflicts, I can resolve in the development branch itself and my master remains clean.

(on branch child)$ git merge master
(resolve any merge conflicts if there are any)
$ git checkout master
$ git merge child(there won't be any conflicts now)