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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Webservices in Hybris

Hybris provides a great way to expose all of its functionality via webservices, We can provide all the data available in the hybris database (products, promotions, vouchers , wishlist etc) to third party applications which are not built using Hybris.

Some webservices are exposed via http and 9001 port where-as others where spring-security is applied are exposed via https and 9002 port

Accessing normal webservices is pretty straight forward. But there is a way to access webservices where spring-security is applied.

Most of the features are provided by Hybris Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB). In case of customization we only have to Fetch data either byFlexible Search Query or from services, add them to a list and return the list to the calling application.

Rest of the things will be taken care by Hybris automatically :)   

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Configure HMC in Hybris

Check if HMC extension is configured
  • log into http://localhost:9001/ using admin credentials
  • Under Platform--> Initialization, I initialized to recreate the new tables.
Apart from the above, I did not do any other steps. I noticed that the extensions under HMC in Platform-->Extension, are all marked as X. Please refer to the attached image.
You are missing the hmc as part of your localextensions.xml file. you can locate the xml from this path "F:\Hybris\HYBRIS6\hybris\config\localextension.xml".
Sample localextension.xml file
        <!-- ext-template -->
<extension name="yempty" />
<extension name="yhacext" />
<extension name="admincockpit" />
<extension name="backoffice" />
<extension name="cockpit" />
<extension name="hmc" />
<extension name="platformhmc" />
<extension name='mcc' />
<extension name='commercesearchbackoffice' />
<extension name='commerceservicesbackoffice' />
<extension name='solrfacetsearchbackoffice' />
<extension name='solrserver' />
<extension name='yacceleratorcockpits' />
<extension name='yacceleratorinitialdata' />
<extension name='yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess' />
<extension name='yacceleratorstorefront' />
<extension name='yaddon' />
<extension name='ycommercewebservices' />
<extension name='electronicsstore' />
<extension name='apparelstore' />
<extension name='liveeditaddon' />
<extension name='acceleratorwebservicesaddon' />
After adding the hmc extension you have to run an update running system from the HAC (or re-initialize).

Installing Hybris 6

Hybris Installation
Follow below instruction to insall Hybris environment.
  1. Download JDk 8 from here
  • Accept licence terms and conitions.
  • Download as per your windows bit (32 or 64)
  • Once downloaded, install jdk by double clicking it. Follow the default instructions by clicking next.
  • Once installed, you should can verify installation in command prompt.
  • setant
  • Download the Hybris  from here.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

AEM and Hybris Integration

Developing with Hybris

The eCommerce framework can be used with any eCommerce solution. Certain specifics and examples dealt with here will refer to the hybris solution.

The integration framework includes an integration layer with an API. This allows you to:
  • plug in an eCommerce system and pull product data into AEM
  • build AEM components for commerce capabilities independent of the specific eCommerce engine