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Friday, 17 February 2017

Decompile AEM: How to get a jar from AEM

AEM development is sometimes difficult to get started due to limited documentation. By having some code examples or a clearer understanding of what is under the hood, this could be the difference from good code to great code. Having the ability to decompile a jar can be very helpful in the development process. Decompiling the jar is the easy part. Finding and getting the jar in AEM can be more difficult. There are two ways that this can be accomplished in AEM, with Vault or without Vault.
Check it out!

With Vault (vlt)

  1. Search for webservice, click Day Communique 5 WCM Webservice Support
  2. Notice Bundle Location copy the path after jcrinstall: (If you don't see jcrinstall, go to without vlt section)
  3. Open CRXDE Lite and add the copied path. You should see the name of the jar inside that path
  4. Now that the location is confirmed. Go to terminal and vlt down the jar. In my case this is what I used: