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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Creating an Adobe Experience Manager HTL Component that parses MS Word Documents

You can develop an Adobe Experience Manager HTL (used to be known as Sightly) component that can parse and display content from MS Word documents. Some Experience Manager use cases require integrating MS Word documents with Experience Manager. The HTL component developed in this article parses a MS Word document and displays the content in in a HTL component. Consider the following Word document.

A MS Word document

You can develop a custom HTL component to parse this Word doc and display the data in an AEM web page, as shown in the following illustration.

A HTL component displaying data parsed from a Word document

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Create a Nested Multi-Field CQ Dialog Widget

Nested multi-field cq dialog widget  or custom Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) component is one that uses a nested multi-field control located in a dialog. A nested multi-field control is an inner multi-field control within an outer multi-field control and lets an author dynamically enter data. 

For example, assume the AEM control lists developers and each developer has an unknown number of skills to display. That is, within the inner multi-field, the author enter details such as professional skill set. The outer multi-field determines how may developers to display. 

Lets create Nested multi-field cq dialog widget as shown below: