Friday, 22 April 2016

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 Released - Apr 21, 2016

The release cycle for this version of Adobe Experience Manager started May 21, 2015, went through 21 iterations of quality assurance and bug fixing, and ended April 6th, 2016. The total number of customer related issues including enhancements and new features fixed in this release is 972.
Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 is generally available since April 21, 2016. Major changes include the new design of navigation system.

Creating a custom Excel Service for Adobe Experience Manager

You can create a custom AEM service that accepts an Excel spreadsheet, extracts the data from the spreadsheet, and persists the data in the AEM JCR. For example, consider the following spreadsheet that contains customer data. Once you upload this file to AEM, the custom AEM Excel service reads the customer data and persists the data in the AEM JCR.

Creating your first AEM Service using an Adobe Maven Archetype project

In some business use cases, you create an OSGi bundle when creating an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) application. Although there are different ways to create an OSGi bundle, a recommended way is to use Maven and the Adobe Maven Archetype. This development article walks you through creating a basic OSGi bundle that contains a simple service namedKeyService. All this service does is accept an input value and sets a key value. It also exposes a method that returns the key value and the value can be displayed within an AEM web page.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Enable JS and CSS minification in AEM

The CQ "CQ Html Library Manager" component control the handling of client libraries (JavaScript, CSS) minification to remove CRLF and whitespace characters in order to reduce the size of the file. In Earlier version of CQ with minification enabled OR disabled, both the minified OR unminified library version has the same URL.  

This blog post will take you through the steps on how to enable minification.
You need to go to http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr. This is a configuration page listing all the services that has configurations. Just look for ‘HTML Library Manager’ and click it. You will see the configurations like following:

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Touch UI dynamic selection of multiple drop downs in AEM 6.1

This articles show the use case of have multiple chained drop down in Touch UI. Values in the next drop down depends on what has been selected on previous one. 
Brief on how it works:-
There are two drop downs with name Language and Country. When you select a Language from drop down, Country down down gets populated with the name of the countries using that language. For example if you select “German” as a language then all countries using German as language will get populated in second drop down.

Creating an AEM Headline Component

Discusses how to create an Adobe Experience Manager component that uses Sightly and a Sling Servlet to display headline news. 
A special thank you to Praveen Dubey, a top AEM community member, for contributing code towards this community article.   
This article covers many AEM concepts that are important to understand as an AEM developer. This article covers the following concepts. 
  • How to create a Sightly component that displays data from a third party service
  • How to use AJAX that invokes a servlet with a Sightly component
  • How you include a clientlibs folder using Sightly
  • How to pass dialog values to a Sling Servlet
This article uses an Adobe Maven Archetype project to build an OSGi bundle. If you are not familiar with an Adobe Maven Archetype project, it is recommended that you read the following article: Creating your first AEM Service using an Adobe Maven Archetype project.